TTY Telephone Information for the Hearing Impaired



How Relay Service Works

A person using a TTY or TB device (TTY or TB machines are optional for deaf-blind persons) types his or her conversation. The typed message is relayed by a Relay Center specialist, called a Communications Assistant (CA), who reads the message to the person using a standard telephone. The CA communicates the hearing person?s spoken words by typing them back to the TTY user.?All calls are confidential.


Confidentiality: Calls made through Tennessee Relay Service are confidential. It is illegal for CAs to disclose information from relayed telephone conversations. No records of relayed conversations are kept.

Using A TTY For A Relay Call


Step 1: Dial the Tennessee Relay Service at 1 (800) 848-0298.

Step 2: The Relay Center will send this message: ?TN RELAY CA 2345F NBR CALLING PLS GA.? Which stands for: Tennessee Relay Service. Number calling, please. Go ahead. The gender of the CA is also displayed.

Step 3: Type the area code and number along with any additional calling instructions. Then type ?GA.?

Step 4: The CA will type back the number requested which indicated the number is being dialed. Then type the response of the called party. ?Ringing #, Hello (F) GA.? The letter (F) indicates the gender of the person that answered the phone.

Step 5: To make another relay call when finished, do not hang up. The CA will be ready to place your next call.


Using A Voice Telephone For A Relay Call

Follow these steps to communicate with a person who uses a TTY or TB device.

Step 1: Call the Tennessee Relay Service at 1 (800) 848-0299.

Step 2: Listen for the greeting: ?Tennessee Relay Service. CA#. May I have the number you are calling ??

Step 3: Give the CA the number you are calling. (You are now ready to talk).

Step 4: Begin speaking as you would during a regular telephone conversation. The CA will relay your conversation.

Step 5: Each time you finish speaking, say ?Go ahead? to inform the CA that you are ready to receive the TTY user?s response.
Step 6:
If you want to make another call when you are finished, do not hang up. The CA will be ready to place your call.


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