Job Access


The Service

Johnson City Transit's Job Access service is a transportation service which is provided to "bridge the transportation gap" between low-income individuals, welfare recipients, and disabled individuals and their places of employment and/or employment-related activities. This service is funded through a grant program initiative from U.S. DOT and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. JCT's Job Access service is provided within the corporate city limits of Johnson City, TN, and is provided as a supplemental to regular JCT fixed route bus service. Job Access provides service to clients whose trips are outside fixed route operating hours, and/or who have pick-up points and/or destinations within the corporate boundaries of Johnson City which are outside of the JCT fixed route service area. Job Access is demand response, curb-to-curb service. Curb-to-curb means that the JCT vehicle will not drive on to private property, and will remain on public streets and areas.  


The Vehicle

Job Access demand response transportation service is provided using small buses or vans. These vehicles are also equipped with wheelchair lifts (or ramps), grab-rails, and low steps to accommodate riders with special needs.


Hours and Fares

Job Access service is available from 5:30 am until midnight, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays). The fare is $2.50 per person per one-way trip.


Scheduling a Trip

Job Access trip reservations must be made with JCT at least two days in advance of a Job Access demand response trip, by calling the JCT demand response office at (423) 434-6265.